Driving school tracks

With a total surface area of 55,000 m2 (equivalent to eight football pitches), this facility is designed to withstand vehicles weighing up to 40 tonnes.

There are surfaces with different levels of grip where testing can take place, with areas of higher grip (asphalt with bitumen modified with rubber) to skid areas with polished concrete surfaces, with the possibility of wetting most of these areas.

In this area our “Replica” circuit is found, which is a scaled down version of the Grand Prix track. It is 8 m wide and the main straight covers a distance of 230 m, with the complete length approaching 1 km and can be extended to reach almost two kilometres if we join it to the rest of the tracks.

Owing to the design, variety and size of the facilities, it is possible to work simultaneously in different areas, meaning we can have up to 6 work bases at the same time. 25 m Marquees which are strategically positioned next to the activity zones.