Totally equipped installations with driving circuit, all-terrain routes, GP and karting circuits, restaurant and plenty of rooms etc. It’s hard to beat our option, whatever the number of participants may be.


The large infrastructure available and an excellent team of professionals allow all kinds of alternatives from standard activities to turnkey projects according to your preferences, needs and objectives, with a personalized design and complete coordination of the event…


3 rooms of 80 m2 which may be converted into one 160 m2 room + one 80m2 room, or even a whole 240 m2 room. Each one is soundproofed, equipped with a video projector, and they are located at barely 80 metres from the asphalt driving track.


  • MULTI-FUNCTION ROOM (within the asphalt driving track)

This room has a surface of 325 m2 which is totally open plan with an exterior and sheltered terrace of 100 m2. It’s located inside our track school which features a fantastic view of the practice track from the front of the building, through its large windows. It is fully equipped inside including a powerful heating and air conditioning system; walls made of Finnish wood; a large-sized projector screen; a porcelain “wenge” floor, and a lighting system of adjustable spotlights.


Due to its characteristics, this room is suitable for a variety of uses such as a static vehicle exhibition, product presentations, and even as a catering and restoration room.

Should additional rooms be required, we can offer up to 10 different distributions in the VIP CLUB,  exclusive areas in the control tower, and even the circuit’s own press room.

  • Asphalt driving track

With a total area of 55,000 m2 (equivalent to eight football pitches), this installation is prepared to support the traffic of vehicles with up to a weight of 40 tons.


Different surfaces with different textures are available on which any test or manoeuvre can be carried out, among which you’ll find asphalt tracks with the best friction (modified bitumen with a rubber component), to the slidiest surfaces such as polished concrete, and also having the possibility of watering throughout most of the installation.

Within this large surface, you’ll find our “replica” route of the Grand Prix Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo that has a width of 8 metres, a main strait of 230 m, and a length which is close to a kilometre that can practically measure up to two kilometres if it’s joined it to the rest of the tracks.


Due to the design, variety, and the spaciousness of the installations, it’s possible to work simultaneously in different areas which allows it to carry out up to 6 work bases at the same time. 25-metre “Jaima” style tents are strategically placed next to the activity areas.


  • 4×4 driving track

Designed in a completely natural environment and inside the installations of the Ricardo Tormo Circuit (which allows it to take advantage of all its infrastructures), you’ll find this magnificent track that occupies a surface of more than 100,000 m2.


Throughout nearly 5 km of trails you can find different kinds of difficulty, which is why it’s suitable to work with all kinds of vehicles (from S.U.Vs to heavy trucks), as there are always alternative routes. The terrain’s orography (coppice woodland with native vegetation) allows most of the obstacles like dubbies, rocky areas, rivers, slopes, and ramps up to 70% to be totally natural, making this installation an excellent setting either for driver training, or for any kind of product testing.


  • Pit stops and pit stop garage

Next to our classrooms, the school has a series of pit stops which are all linked with a total surface of 240 m2 and equipped with industrial power and compressed air.


We also have a pit stop garage with the following characteristics:

  • 80 m2 surface
  • A ramp with a capacity of up to 3 tons
  • Workbench
  • Industrial lighting
  • Diesel oil pump
  • Water pressure machine
  • Tyre changer
  • Tools and equipment
  • Compressed air

We also have a mobile compressed air generator.


  • Other installations

Besides the exclusive use of the installations, the school also offers the possibility of using the rest of the Circuito Comunidad Valenciana Ricardo Tormo’s infrastructure as a Grand Prix track; a hospital; VIP tents; VIP clubs and suites, a restaurant, paddock, pit stops etc.